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Spray Tanning in Emsworth

If you're looking for a full body spray tan or half body spray tan we offer both of these tanning services at our tanning beauty salon in Emsworth, Hampshire.



Full Body


Half Body


Preparation for a Spray Tanning

IMPORTANT – do not use ANY oily products. Any oily products used prior to your tan will hinder the skin’s ability to absorb the solution, resulting in possible patchiness or total lack of tan, and if used afterwards, will cause the tan to fade patchy and at a faster rate.

  • Wax 48 hours before the appointment
  • Shave 24 hours before the appointment
  • Exfoliate 24 hours before the appointment

Pay extra attention to dry areas of the skin on elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, heels, and all areas where there is any dry skin. DO NOT use shower gels that contain any oils. Then, LIGHTLY moisturise whole body using an OIL-FREE moisturiser.

On the day:

  • Remove ALL makeup, cosmetics and jewellery before arriving
  • DO NOT use any oily products on your skin and keep any deodorant/perfume usage to a minimum or not at all if possible
  • During the application wear as little clothing as possible – an old bikini will do. Your therapist can provide disposable underwear and caps
  • Once your tan is applied, wear loose dark clothing
  • You can apply clear nail polish to finger and/or toenails to stop discolouration, although we supply barrier cream which can be used protect the nail
  • Do not shower immediately before the tan (even if you are a little sweaty), as PH levels in soaps can alter the effectiveness of the tan by stopping the skin’s ability to absorb the solution fully

Spray Tanning

Treatment takes approximately 10minutes. Upon entering the tanning cubicle, you will be asked to stay in different positions while you are being sprayed. Following application, you must allow a few minutes (approximately 10 minutes) for the tan to absorb into your skin before stepping back into your clothes.

Once Leaving the Salon

  • DO NOT shower for at least 6 – 8 hours (preferably 24 hours if possible). Sleeping in the tan is quite safe, although do not touch your body with your palms (can apply a light layer of cream to act as a barrier and prevent orange/brown palms). Also, it may stain silk bedding, but will wash off most materials
  • DO NOT take part in any activity, which may cause perspiration during development time.
  • DO NOT shave for at least 24 hours afterwards as this may strip the tan from the shaved area. If you must shave afterwards, wait at least 24 hours and use a new blade as this will cause less damage to the tan
  • If staining occurs on your feet, use a pumice stone to remove this
  • USE suntan lotion as there is not any protection from UV rays within the solution, but make sure it is oil-free and does not contain the active ingredient DEET
  • DO NOT exfoliate your body (except dry areas such as knees) as this will cause the tan to fade faster
  • DO NOT use exfoliating or oil-containing shower gels as this will cause the tan to fade fast

Maintaining your Results

  • Daily moisturizing after your tan is the key to prolong that sun-kissed look. The best moisturizer should be a tan extender (with added DHA) to extend your sunless tan without drying out your skin, and to promote a healthy glow
  • The moisturizer, however, should not be oil-based and has to contain less than 1% AHAs. AHAs are natural exfoliants – and if you were to use moisturizer with more than 1% AHA it would REMOVE the tan from the body.
  • Do not rub but pat the skin dry after showering or bathing
  • Avoid swimming pools, as chlorine will bleach your tan
  • Have regular top-ups to keep your skin tanned and to build and extend the life of the tan

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